‘For all Vienna’s grand architecture and delightful bicycle lanes, it seems an unlikely spot to top any chart of most exciting cities.’ Photograph: Getty Images

‘There was some moaning about Dublin’s relatively unimpressive position’

Appropriate Behaviour is not particularly good-looking or innovative, but warm laughter abounds throughout

Michael Cuesta’s film lacks conviction in telling Gary Webb’s cover-up story

Dianah Bailey (left) and Brenda Myers-Powell  in Dreamcatcher

Documentarian Kim Longinotto turns her lens to the sex workers of Chicago and discovers that too many have the same story to tell (...)

As well as being derivative and casually rascist, Neil Blomkamp’s latest also manages to be chaotic, discordant, sentimental and(...)

Julianne Moore is the army brat who became a soap opera star and the doyenne of independent film. Now she’s won a best actress Osc(...)

“Those who believe in astrology tend to make vague puffing noises when asked how the relative position of Gemini could reveal one’s future gambling addiction or taste for sexual role play.” Photograph: Getty Images

Conservative MP David Tredinnick complains about BBC promoting ‘the science perspective’

The dogs of Budapest rebel against their human oppressors in Mundruczó prize-winning feature

David Robert Mitchell’s low-budget horror nods to the genre’s greats while being entirely original

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