Under EU law states can apply lower excise on fuel used by fishing vessel. Photograph: Stefan Sauer/EPA

Commission taking Ireland to Europe’s highest court for not properly applying tax

European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker addresses the European Parliament to present a plan on growth. Photograph: Reuters

Concern that programme would not go far enough to boost euro zone

Mario Draghi: he  said, at the European Banking Congress, that the ECB must drive inflation higher quickly, and will broaden its asset-purchase program if needed to achieve that. Photograph: Martin Leissl/Bloomberg

Global markets hover at elevated levels as rumours of quantitative easing mount

Craig Beaumont of the IMF: “While the US and UK economies are doing well, euro area growth remains weak”. Photograph: David Sleator/The Irish Times

Budget 2015 ‘makes less progress than desirable’ according to European officials

European Central Bank headquarters in Frankfurt, Germany. The EU Commission and European Central Bank have told the Government that “important challenges” remain to be overcome even as the economic recovery broadens

Government advised to have ‘additional’ fiscal measures ready in case of future risks

Socialist Party TD Paul Murphy: invoked the language of fear. Photograph: Cyril Byrne

Opinion: State has faced three crises since crash but this is not one of them

A source close to the European Commission said the move to suspend metered charges in favour of a flat rate had come as a surprise. Photograph: Getty

Decision to suspend metered charges was surprise to European Commission

Minister for Finance Michael Noonan welcomed Sweden’s support

Auction completed as Swedish cabinet approved IMF debt deal

Sigurjon Arnason: the banker orchestrated the 2005 buyout of stockbroker Merrion Capital. Photograph: Mike Clarke/AFP/Getty Images

Former Landsbanki chief Sigurjon Arnason receives a one-year sentence but nine months suspended

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