Independent TD Shane Ross says ‘the numbers are there’ for a new political party after he contacted 193 Independent councillors for their views. Photograph: Bryan O’Brien

Independent TD says new grouping would have non-negotiable policies and no whip

Silvercrest Foods in Ballybay, Co Monaghan. Photograph: Philip Fitzpatrick/PA

Martin McAdam has called on the beef processor to set aside legal costs so that the case can be heard

Symnatec, the internet security company which claims to have found the bug, said the software could take screenshots, control the cursor and steal passwords.

Software may have been created by a national government

Next in line: Gete Kerala (left) waits to lodge credit-union savings at her local co-operative. Photograph: Gorta-Self Help Africa

Loans to women are used for everything from setting up beauty salons and cafes to buying fertiliser

Farmer: Shemgie Kulbla, who produces wheat seed. Photograph: Hugh Chaloner/Gorta-Self Help Africa

Thirty years after a terrible famine in Ethiopia, parts of the country are thriving, others need ongoing aid to fight food poverty(...)

Teagasc members at the launch of the Economic Returns to Formal Agricultural Education report at the National Botanic Gardens.(L-R) Tony Pettit,  Prof Cathal O’Donoghue,  Prof Gerry Boyle,  and Dr Kevin Heanue. Photograph: John T Ohle

Family farm income per hectare is 50 per cent higher for agriculturally educated farmers

Dom Moran, secretary general of the Department of Agriculture with Minister Simon Coveney and Gerry Boyle, director of Teagasc, at the National Dairy Conference.  Photograph: John T Ohle

Atmosphere in dairy industry ‘like the night before Christmas’

Dr Mary Flynn, the Food Safety Authority’s chief specialist in public health nutrition, says it’s not completely our own fault if we overeat. She says we are surrounded by treats and unhealthy foods, everywhere we look. Photograph: Thinkstock

Describing overeating as an addiction makes people feel they have no control over it

Kieran Rumley: “Brands that sound like they are produced in Ireland using, for example, Irish family names  . . .  are causing confusion to Irish shoppers.” Photograph: Frank Miller

More than one in 10 say they would not buy food and drink products from Israel

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