Vincent Browne (left), then-editor of Election ‘82 , with  Nora Owen and  Bertie Ahern. Photograph: The Irish Times

Opinion: Belfast Agreement, joining the euro and the financial crisis among biggest changes

‘There is a ring of truth to what Peter Robinson said at the weekend about Sinn Féin. He said Martin McGuinness (above) had agreed on welfare “reform” in Northern Ireland, which means devastating the lives of vulnerable people by cuts in social supports, but that had been vetoed by Sinn Fein in Dublin.’ Photograph: Will Oliver/PA Wire

Opinion: A Fianna Fáil/Sinn Féin government would do the same as a re-elected Fine Gael-Labour government would

‘On March 30th, 2000 the DPP issued a formal direction that Ian Bailey (above) should not be prosecuted on the basis of available evidence.’ Photograph: Matt Kavanagh

Opinion: Separating the allegations from the evidence

‘Charlie Haughey was also forced to resign as taoiseach, not over the policies which he enacted from 1987 that devastated the health and education services but over whether he knew in 1982 of the tapping for a few weeks of the phones of journalists.’ Photograph: Frank Miller

Opinion: Why do some big issues get scant attention?

‘ “Getting hurt? You recover from it. And the pain does subside and I don’t know, in a really perverted way, legally inflicting pain on someone else gives you a thrill,” Brian O’Driscoll  said jokingly, according to Gerry Thornley.’ Above, O’Driscoll is applauded by his team mates at the Six Nations game against Italy at the Aviva Stadium, Dublin. Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill

Opinion: Brian O’Driscoll’s comments raise disturbing questions

‘This should be called The Concealment of Information Bill. And it could get worse before it is finally enacted.  For instance, there is pressure to exempt information on salaries and fees paid to people engaged by Nama. It is contended “the best and the brightest” will flee the agency if there is a possibility the size of their wage packets will be disclosed.’ Above, the Treasury Building, home to Nama, in Dublin. Photograph: Eric Luke

Opinion: How FOI works against disclosure

Opinion: Talk of ‘responsible’ betting just another example of corporate mumbo-jumbo

Opinion: Commission would benefit from being chaired by a sturdy High Court judge

Declan Costello, second from right at back, attorney general in 1973. Photograph: Pat Langan

Opinion: Declan Costello’s programme may have been prompted by a realisation that he could not stay in the party unless it changed(...)

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