Bodyguards at  Cristiano Ronaldo Junior’s christening in 2011.  Photograph: Europa Press/Europa Press via Getty Images

Fruit, Jacuzzis and games consoles among the World Cup teams’ special requests in Brazil

Among writers in Spanish only Cervantes has sold more books than Colombia’s Gabriel García Márquez. Photograph: Reuters

García Márquez emulated his grandmother’s storytelling ways

Michael Dwyer, shot dead five years ago by Bolivian security forces. His family has called for “renewed external pressure” on Bolivia to compel it to investigate the circumstances surrounding his killing. Photograph: PA

Call on fifth anniversary of Michael Dwyer’s death comes as trial of two companions close to collapse

A military police officer patrols Complexo da Maré, one of the largest favelas in Rio. Photograph: Mario Tama/Getty Images

Soccer fans assured they will be safe after violent clashes in Rio favela

Michael Dwyer: the Bolivian government claims he was part of a group plotting to assassinate president Evo Morales. Photograph: PA Wire

Marcelo Soza, who led inquiry into Irishman’s killing, claims persecution by Morales government

 Pope Francis welcoming Argentine President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner on March 18th, 2013 at the Vatican. Photograph: Getty

Families of the ‘disappeared’ are cynical about the pope’s status as a moral leader

Star turn: Ronaldo raises a trademark finger in celebration after scoring against Germany in the 2002 World Cup final. Photograph: Getty Images/Inpho

Former player identified with contentious effort to modernise Brazilian football

A demonstrator in Rio de Janeiro shows a placard that says: ‘Mourning for Santiago’ during a protest against an increase in public transport ticket prices. The death of TV cameraman Santiago Andrade during an earlier protest shocked Brazil, but the political class has seized its chance to criminalise protest ahead of the World Cup. Photograph: Marcelo Sayao/ EPA

Politicians hope for end to killings and vigilante actions ahead of World Cup

People are lined up outside Galicia bank to buy dollars in Buenos Aire

President Cristina Kirchner’s lauded economic policies are unravelling as the country sinks into a long-predicted crisis

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