Francis Aquino Aneury ( 17), (far left), shines shoes along the promenade in Santo Domingo. Aneury claims he was 14 when he first accepted money for sexual favours from a man he later learned was Archbishop Jozef Wesolowski. Photograph: the ‘New York Times’

Wesolowski case resurfaces after report details his paedophile activities

 Pope Francis eating lunch   at the Vatican workers’ cafeteria in July 2014. Photograph: AP Photo/L’osservatore Romano

Flash floods, flashy politicians, ‘Il Pape’ in shirtsleeves and the future of football: these are just some of the issues on citiz(...)

‘Let God avert this’: Italian infantry march through the desert near Tripoli, Libya, in 1915, during the first World War. Photograph: PA

With the Austro-Hungarian empire having declared war on Serbia, La Stampa’s Rome correspondent insists Italy must intervene in the(...)

Mario Balotelli of Italy has often been in the firing line from “ultra” fans who target the international with foul-mouthed racist invective. Photograph:  Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

Carlo Tavecchio urged to withdraw candidacy after remarks to owners and directors

Pope Francis delivers his Sunday Angelus prayer from the window of the Apostolic Palace in Saint Peter’s Square at the Vatican today. Photograph: Alessandro Bianchi/Reuters

100th anniversary of the first World War remembered in the Angelus prayer

Wrecked  Italian cruise liner Costa Concordia in front of Genoa’s port this morning. The Costa Concordia has arrived in Genoa, where dismantling operations are predicted to last two years. Photograph: EPA

Operation to remove wreck from reef and tow it for scrapping estimated to cost €1.5bn

Refloated: people watch as the Costa Concordia is towed away from Giglio this week. Photograph: Laura Lezza/Getty Images

The feared environmental disaster after the cruise ship ran aground has not materialised – yet

Pope Francis blesses Mariam Yahya Ibrahim of Sudan and her baby during a private meeting at the Vatican today. photograph: Osservatore Romano/Reuters

Mariam Ibrahim has private meeting in Vatican, and is expected to go to US in days

Archduke Franz Ferdinand with his wife, Sophie, on the Appel Quay in Saraevo shortly before their assassination on June 28th, 1914. The murders led to Austria delivering an ultimatum to Serbia on July 23rd, which in turn led to the outbreak of the first World War. Photograph: EPA/Museum of Military History, Vienna

Countdown to war: ‘La Stampa’ correspondent's information makes him think there may be no war

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