Cooling of newborn infants with moderate to severe hypoxic brain damage reduces the risk of death and of long-term neurological disability. Photograph: Danny Lawson/PA Wire

Head cooling is designed to prevent the further death of brain cells

 Rather than feel bad on the weeks you don’t manage 150 minutes, be positive about any 20 minutes of moderate exercise you do get. Photograph: Bryan O’Brien/The Irish Times

Dr Muiris Houston writes about the recent report saying we should do 20 minutes a day

The most common oral signs of diabetes are gingivitis (gum disease) and periodontal disease

There are various oral features that can be detected during a routine dental examination that might suggest undiagnosed diabetes (...)

Four broad ways to die: sudden death; the long, slow death of dementia; the up-and-down death of organ failure; and death from cancer where you “go down, usually in weeks”.

It has been suggested we should ‘stop wasting billions to cure cancer’ because terminal cancer is the best way to die

With the perennial hospital beds crisis reaching a crescendo, what can make a difference?

How about some moderate exercise starting this week? Photograph: Bryan O’Brien

Muiris Houston outlines some less punitive approaches to good health in 2015

It is routine practice for the person to be admitted to the Central Mental Hospital in Dundrum for assessment

Psychiatrists' risk assessments are not an exact science

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