Helen Baker, Gloucestershire, seen last night outside the Irish Embassy in London during a silent vigil to demand a public investigation into Ireland’s mother and baby homes. Photograph: Mark Hennessy

Daughter of woman held in Mother and Baby home is searching for half-brother

Éamon de Valera declared: “The financial contribution to the Irish struggle from among the Scottish communities was in excess of funds from any other country, including Ireland.” Photograph: Colman Doyle/Courtesy of the National Library of Ireland

Scotland played an influential and underappreciated role in securing Irish independence

Scotland’s first minister Alex Salmond on the campaign trail. Actuarial numbers matter in the Scottish independence debate, amid charge and counter-charge over how much Scotland can afford to pay in pensions if it decides to go it alone. Photograph: PA

Scots have bad old age health and die younger than rest of UK

Woman from Gloucester seeks brother born in mother-and-baby home in Tipperary

A Scottish Saltire flag caries a ‘Yes’ for Independence at the Bannockburn Live event last month. Photograph: Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images

Polls show clarity remains an issue even after two years

Northern Ireland First Minister Peter Robinson addressing media in front of the Houses of Parliament today. Photograph: by Oli Scarff/Getty Images

Robinson says it was an ‘outrage’ that Sinn Féin would not agree to changes

Pro-independence supporters gather in Edinburgh last September. Photograph:   Andy Buchanan/AFP/Getty Images

Public meetings, once seen as out of date, are enjoying a renaissance in Scotland

Former Taoiseach John Bruton. Photograph: Aidan Crawley

Former Taoiseach said revolutionary was a romantic and was wrong

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