Abkhazia’s separatist president Raul Khadzhimba and Russia’s leader Vladimir Putin    during the   ceremony in which they signed a ‘strategic partnership’ pact in Sochi on Monday. The EU, US and Nato  joined Georgia in denouncing the pact. Photograph: Alexey Druginyn/EPA/RIA Novosti

Moscow’s far-reaching deal with Abkhazia comes months after Crimea seized from Ukraine

City in flames: Ukrainian anti-government protesters throw Molotov cocktails during clashes with riot police in Kiev in January. Photograph: Dmitry Serebryakov/AFP/Getty
A year in Ukraine

Twelve months ago a revolution was sparked in Kiev and Ukraine’s identity was recast. On its anniversary it’s still not clear who (...)

Allies: former Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovich  greets Vladimir Putin in 2012. Photograph: Sergey Ponomarev/AFP/Getty

From the first protest on Independence Square – aka Maidan – in November 2013 to Russia’s massing of troops this month on its bord(...)

US vice-president Joe Biden has visited Kiev on the anniversary of the start of huge anti-corruption and pro-western protests, triggered by the decision of Ukraine’s then leaders to reject a landmark trade and political deal with the European Union. Photograph: Sergey Dolzhenko/EPA

US and Nato denounce Russia as Ukraine marks uprising anniversary

Demonstrators show symbolic red cards to Czech president Milos Zeman during a protest rally in Prague.  Photograph: Reuters

Big rallies in Hungary and Czech Republic bemoan leaders’ soft stance on Russia

Klaus Iohannis, leader of Romania’s center-right Liberals and mayor of  Sibiu: his  enduring popularity and apparent incorruptibility has made him a figure of some curiosity. Photograph: Raed Krishan/AP

Lutheran, ethnic-German outsider beats PM Ponta with pledge to cleanse a corrupt system

German chancellor Angela Merkel and Australian prime minister Tony Abbott aboard a boat in front of Sydney Opera House yesterday. Photograph: Reuters/Guido Bergmann

Russian president skips leaders’ lunch after sharp criticism over Ukraine

A girl lights a candle during Latvian Freedom Fighters’ Remembrance Day, or Lacplesis Day, to commemorate those who fought in the 1919 Latvian War of Independence, near Riga castle on November 11th. In Latvia, Russia’s increased military activity is seen as an echo of the cold war. Photograph: Ints Kalnins/Reuters

Nato sees sharp rise in warplanes and ships approaching Baltic states’ territory

Ukrainian defence minister Stepan Poltorak: “The main thing is to be prepared. If there is action, there will be a reaction.” Photograph: Valentyn Ogirenko/Reuters

Russian ‘occupiers’ shooting at Ukrainian positions, says Kiev spokesman

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