Demonstrators with the pro-independence Catalan National Assembly hold a giant banner with an image of US president Barack Obama at Plana square in Badalona, near Barcelona. Photograph: Gustau Nacarino/Reuters

Alarm at lack of political discussion between sides on Catalan question

Pedro Sánchez: won 49 per cent of the votes cast by 130,000 party members in the Spanish Socialist Party leadership contest. Photograph: Reuters/Javier Barbancho

Sánchez, until recently a relative unknown, vows to unseat conservative government

General Francisco Franco (second from right) and his wife Doña Carmen Polo are saluted at a reception at Burgos. Photograph: Keystone/Getty Images

The parador in León does not advertise the fact that, during the civil war, it was a concentration camp for leftist Republicans

Outgoing leader Alfredo Pérez: one of many senior PSOE figures who have held posts within the party since the early years of Spain’s democratic era. Photograph: Reuters/Andrea Comas

The two leading candidates, Madina and Sánchez, offer generational change

“Those with deposits have reason to have every confidence in the security that Banco Espírito Santo offers their savings,” Portuguese prime minister  Pedro Passos Coelho said yesterday. Photograph: Reuters

Trading in Banco Espírito Santo shares suspended after fall of 17% on Thursday

The pro-choice march in Madrid which features in the film. Photograph: Pablo Blazquez Dominguez/Getty Images

Documentary aims to raise awareness about abortion restrictions

Gowex CEO and founder Jenaro Garcia resigned after admitting he presented fictitious accounts

Gowex opened bankruptcy proceedings after CEO admitted falsifying company results

The Gowex bubble started to burst on June 1st, when US-based investment company Gotham City Research issued a report for its clients in which it warned the Spanish firm’s results were “too good to be true”. Photograph: EPA/Diego Garcia

Falsification of results raises doubts about efficiency of market regulation in Spain

Princess Cristina, the sister of Spain’s newly installed King Felipe VI, has been formally named as a suspect in a corruption investigation

Sister of new king named as suspect in corruption investigation

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