Vodafone inquiry as customer 'insulted'

Tue, Apr 17, 2012, 01:00

Mobile phone company Vodafone has suspended two employees pending an investigation into an offensive photograph which circulated online today.

The photograph circulating on social networking site Twitter appeared to show a text-based conversation between two shop workers using insulting and vulgar language about a customer.

The company said in a statement it "became aware of this issue and immediately moved to source the origins of the image".

The photograph looks like it was taken from in front of a staff computer screen in a Vodafone shop.

Typed on the screen was: "This c**t is wrecking my buzz. I am seriously gonna b****slap her face into that Galaxy 2."

The text conversation appeared to continue onscreen with: "What an awful looking huuure."

"Mine too I need a cup of tea and a smoke and some heroin," the typed conversation continued.

"The company takes the matter very seriously and has suspended two employees pending a full and immediate investigation," the statement said.

"We would like to reassure our customers that Vodafone has a zero-tolerance approach to any behaviour that is outside of Vodafone’s rigorous code of conduct and contract of employment," said Paul Ryan, strategy director of Vodafone Ireland said in the statement.