Video of 'billion-euro home' goes viral


An video of a Dublin man who built a house from decommissioned euro notes has gone viral, attracting thousands of viewers on YouTube.

The video taken by journalist Jennifer Wholey of artist Frank Buckley’s homage to the country’s ill-fated construction boom has been viewed more than 287,000 times on the video sharing site.

The three-room apartment built in the lobby of his Dublin studio is constructed from €1.4 billion of shredded tender obtained from the Central Bank mint.

The story of Buckley’s “billion-euro home” has been reported across the globe from The Times in India to the Toronto Sun in Canada, and even in the business magazine, Forbes.

Time magazine also picked up the story of Buckley’s unique installation/home, opening its report with the line: “How did an unemployed, broke, nearly homeless Irishman build a €1.4 billion home?”

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