Clean living: former AIB trader John Rusnak in one of the laundries he now runs in Baltimore

Review: A banker’s remorse makes for rare radio when John Rusnak appears on the RTÉ presenter’s show. On Newstalk, George Hook mak(...)

Peter Coonan and Gary Lydon in Borstal Boy
Review: Borstal Boy

The stage version of Behan’s classic lacks subtlety but makes for rollicking entertainment

This show, exploring the life of Peig Sayers, pushes the limits of decency to breaking point

Review: The Belle Bottoms

This pair might have sass to burn, but the lame jokes mean this comedy never quite gets off the ground

Poet Paul Muldoon: “Even at his most vituperative there was a vitality”

Arts community praises Paisley’s vitality, but some find it hard to forgive his divisive role

Slice of the Apple: U2 with Apple’s chief executive, Tim Cook, in California. Photograph: Stephen Lam/Reuters

The band’s free album prompts cosy memories on ‘Liveline’, but Ray D’Arcy takes a more jaded view

Review: Lurky! Lurky!

This ‘live edited dance film’ undercuts its erotic charge with goofy comedy

Review: Dublin Oldschool

It fizzes, it cracks, it whips and raps: Dublin free style

Review: Wrapped

Wrappers delight in this narcotic-flavoured character study

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