The Gathering stamp stumps Leo


So many events. So little time for Leo Varadkar.

The Minister for Degadderin’ began his week in Brussels with a visit to the EU transport committee. He had to think of Europe, attend to duties in Leinster House and his department, do lots of photocalls and promote his Degadderin’ wheeze.

Thursday found him outside the GPO. A bit confused, it has to be said. What event/launch is this then? A postage stamp for Degadderin’. The media wanted a few words. Here’s the first exchange: Journalist: Minister, just in relation to the Gathering – the stamp. People are on Skype and they’re on Facebook, what can a stamp do to get people to come to Ireland for the Gathering . . .” Leo: Sorry? Say again? “People are on Skype and on Facebook now . . .”

“Eh, yeah . . .” agrees Leo.

“They can communicate instantly – what can a stamp do to get people to come to Ireland for the Gathering?” Leo is stumped.

“What kind of? Sorry . . . I don’t understand.” An adviser interjects. “A stamp.” “A stamp?” repeats the journalist.

Leo goes blank. “Erm . . ” Finally the penny drops. “Yeah, oh yeah. Sorry, my mind is elsewhere,” he splutters. “What we are doing today is launching the . . .” It’s going to be a long old year for Mr Varadkar.