Katie Taylor with third-year pupils, from left, Rebecca O’Grady, Shannon MacAnaspie and Lauryn Groome, at New Cross College, Finglas. Photograph: Eric Luke

The boxer believes girls should have more female sporting role models, and so she is mentoring teens in Sky Sports’ Living for Spo(...)

‘The State, the Justice system and the Constitution have created a punitive system of divorce. At the very point when people in crisis need support, they are instead given one legal hurdle after the next, with the lawyers’ coffers growing.’  Photograph: Getty Images

‘The cost of divorce, the lengthy, emotionally cruel process and the hideous atmosphere of the family law courts can all be change(...)

Screengrab from ‘Pixel’s entry for a wedding competition on Newstalk. The teacher had to obscure her face in the video to protect her career.

‘Pixel’ and partner win contest after masking her face in video entry to protect career

Kate Holmquist: “I’m on the Potentialife yellow brick road along with everyone else.”

Seeing my strengths recognised has been a real boost, although I’m stunned at what they are.

Screengrab of ‘Pixel’, a gay teacher at the centre of a social media storm around her need to protect her career by pixelating her face for a lip-syncing Newstalk wedding competition.

Woman says ‘no political agenda’ behind move; Minister says people should be ‘horrified’

 Illustration: iMrSquid

Daisy Buchanan’s book about dating in the digital age suggests enlisting a friend to give you a second opinion and using Twitter (...)

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