British student Hannah Graham (right), who vanished recently after a night out, and Hunter S Thompson (left), who wrote about children living in a “kingdom of fear”.

Paranoid parenting isn’t about actual risk: it is about our need for control

A still from the Jameson ad

Dingy pubs, busty wenches and funerals – welcome to the Ireland of American ads

How many babies do you know who can walk?

Do you really need that sunflower-shaped bath or those baby knee-pads?

Women in Taiwan, Indonesia, South Korea and Japan are entitled to time off when they have their period – but it’s less about liber(...)

There were grand plans for Smithfield but, due to bad planning and a lack of commercial or public investment, what evolved was a depressing, Stalinist space. Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill

If the success of its shared public spaces are the measure of a mature city, our capital has a long way to go

Even if you only dip into Facebook once in a while, or occasionally rely on Google Maps for navigation, you still leave a data trail glistening in your wake. Photographer: Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg

If Socrates had had Facebook, he might have decided that the overexamined life was as problematic as the underexamined

A friend worked for a brief stint in a Dublin firm for a man he described as like ‘a cross between Fran from Love/Hate and David Brent’

Most of us have far worse anecdotes from the front line of gainful employment than the recent leaks from the office of Ségolène Ro(...)

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