Siesta Fiesta

Another trip down memory lane for Nintendo

Game Title: Siesta Fiesta

Publisher: Mojo Bones

Reviewed On: Nintendo 3DS

Available on: Nintendo 3DS

Fri, Aug 8, 2014, 00:00


Another week, another trip down memory lane for Nintendo. But Siesta Fiesta is worth the journey. Available through the 3DS eShop, the title combines arcade action with a heap of Breakout-style fun.

That may raise a few eye-brows, because Breakout is often copied but never equalled. Siesta Feista makes it a fun experience without seeming tired. Instead of a simple ball and paddle to break blocks, the game takes the main character, Siesta, through Fiestaville while he’s asleep. Siesta is the ball; his bed is the paddle.

I’m a sucker for these games. There’s always that compulsion to try just once more to get a little further, to boost that high score a little more.

There are eight regions to work your way through, with some of the levels scrolling rather than the static levels of the Atari classic. They are colourful and well designed, as well. The game puts your speed accuracy to the test, because you’ll be rewarded for hitting certain targets.

You are also set speed targets (having to move Siesta through a specific target in a certain time, for example), which will contribute to your level ranking. That can be bronze (if you simply complete it), silver (if you make a bit more of an effort) and gold if you manage to get some of those hard-to-hit targets. You also have to tackle a boss for each of the eight worlds, which means you must put a bit of thought into how to defeat each of them.

There are power ups to help achieve all this, from fans to make Siesta’s bed levitate to special bricks that cause chain reactions, multiple balls and even flames to help you out on your way.

There isn’t much in the way of replay value once you’re done, but it’s a fun journey while it lasts.