Mega Man 6

Game Title: Mega Man 6

Publisher: Nintendo

Reviewed On: Nintendo Wii U

Available on: Nintendo Wii U

Fri, Aug 8, 2014, 00:00


Wii U owners will receive a healthy dose of nostalgia with the arrival of the 1990s title Mega Man 6 on the virtual console. The game follows the machinations of Dr X, who plans on taking over the world with the help of some robot masters that he has programmed to obey him. The only thing standing between him and total domination is Mega Man. The gameplay is simple, and little is changed from the original. You tackle the eight robot masters, including PLant Man, Blizzard Man and Flame Man, and hopefully defeat them one by one. Once you defeat a particular master, you get their weapon. These weapons are important, as without them, you can’t defeat particular robots. You do get some extras, such as Rush Adaptors – armour that boosts Mega Man’s abilities. Once you’ve got the robot masters defeated, then you have to tackled Dr X and fight your way through his fortress. It’s a likeable trip, although not too challenging.