Survey reveals high charity salaries


More than 40 per cent of charities that responded to a survey conducted by The Irish Times pay their chief executives €100,000 or more.

Although a majority of charities contacted agreed to reveal their chief executives' pay, a small number would not.

Three of 32 charities that supplied information – the Irish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children , Unicef Ireland and Misean Cara – did not disclose their chief executives' salary. Unicef Ireland said it disclosed total pay for all employees in its annual accounts but not for individual employees, adding that the role of executive director was remunerated at levels comparable to other international charities.

The ISPCC said the charity's board had "decided not to release this information at this point in time".

Misean Cara said it was "100 per cent funded by the Department of Foreign Affairs, via Irish Aid" and allocated 6 per cent of the budget for administration, including salaries and rent, and operated "within that parameter".

Six other charities – Ability West, Bóthar, the Irish Fair Trade Network, Christian Aid Ireland, Oxfam Ireland and the Western Care Association – gave indicators as to how much their chiefs were paid.

Eight charities did not respond to requests for information.

The Irish Times conducted its survey earlier this year to provide a snapshot of the non-profit sector in the context of the Government's decision to defer the implementation of the Charities Act on cost grounds.

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