‘It must be an incredible feeling for the young billionaires who head up Twitter and Facebook and Instagram and YouTube to see their platforms being used by famous actors and singers and politicians and authors.’ Photograph: Getty

Opinion: I can’t imagine that in the ‘Rewind’ for 2014, YouTube will feature in its compilation a caption that reads: ‘and look wh(...)

Review: Charolais

Semi-spurned woman v overly flirty cow, in this lusty and lonely tail

A personal look at the battle between NYC Catholic conservatism and a free-for-all Queens approach

“When we examine the biggest stations in the land nationally, there are no female equivalents to George Hook (above), Ray D’Arcy, Ryan Tubridy and Sean Moncrieff.”

Opinion: Awards show up gender imbalance

From left, Conor McManus in Monaghan’s modern collars; Michael Jones in a 1993 All Blacks shirt; Conor Counihan in Cork’s 1990 jersey

Designing shirts involves giving players a technical edge while keeping traditionalists happy

‘People aren’t so much touched by emigration as manhandled by it.’ Above, Irish emigrants leaving for Liverpool during the Famine, in 1851. Original publication: Illustrated London News (Photograph: Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

Opinion: Underemployed but overworked has become default setting

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