Dutch cardinal Adrianus Simonis (centre) blesses the coffin of former Dutch bishop Jo Gijsen prior to a pontifical mass in the St Christoffel cathedral of Roermond, southern Netherlands, in June 2013. Photograph: Marcel van Hoorn/AFP/Getty Images

Amsterdam Letter: admission about the late Johannes Gijsen has led to anger as well as relief among victims

 Dutch Party for Freedom  leader Geert Wilders in a bid to rouse the crowd,  turned to a reliable old bogeyman, Moroccan immigrants. Photograph: EPA

Right-wing leader’s outburst about Moroccans widely denounced

US president Barack Obama appears on two large screen as he delivers his speech during the closing session on the last day of the nuclear summit in The Hague yesterday. Photograph: Frank Augstein/EPA

Commitments on nuclear security are often at odds with domestic politics

Anti-nuclear activists protest in The Hague ahead of the Nuclear Security Summit. Photograph: Martijn Beekman/EPA

Two-day gathering of 58 nations likely to propose security measures for military and civilian materials

An Amsterdam city hall spokeswoman  told The Irish Times the letters “prompted quite a few calls from Irish people.

Amsterdam authorities sign off as Gaeilge

Germain Katanga appears on a monitor in the press room of the International Criminal Court in The Hague yesterday. Photograph: EPA/Phil Nijhuis

Congolese warlord found guilty at International Criminal Court of being an accessory to war crimes

Ukrainian prime minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk called on Russia “not to violate the Budapest Memorandum” nuclear non-proliferation agreement as it became apparent that was what President Putin was ready to do. Photograph: AP Photo/Efrem Lukatsky

Meeting in The Hague will aim to enhance co-operation against nuclear terrorism and underpin existing non-proliferation agreements(...)

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