Kansas governor Sam Brownback:  in 2012,  he drastically cut taxes, assuring everyone that the resulting boom would make up for the initial loss in revenues. Unfortunately for his constituents, his experiment has been a resounding failure. Photograph: Allen J. Schaben/Los Angeles Times

From climate change to Omabacare, actual evidence is irrelevant to an angry cohort

No surprise: the first move of the new Republican Senate is an attempt to push Barack Obama into approving pipeline. Photograph: Jessica Rinaldi/Reuters

Debts must be paid and the oil and gas industry expects to be rewarded for its support

President Barack Obama. ‘Now that he’s presiding over unexpected economic strength [his critics] can’t just turn around and assert his irrelevance.’ Photograph: J Scott Applewhite/AP Photo

Stimulus programme and protection of Fed independence key presidential achievements

Pussian president Vladimir Putin: he’s an ex-KGB man – which is to say, he spent his formative years as a professional thug. Photograph: EPA/Sergei Chirikov

Putin may be starting to see that war makes you poorer, even if you win

Wall Street overwhelmingly backed Mitt Romney in 2012, and invested heavily in Republicans once again this year. Photograph: Brendan McDermid/Reuters

A key provision of Dodd-Frank has been reversed thanks to Wall Street’s Congress

“We can now say with confidence the recovery’s weakness had nothing to do with Obama’s alleged anti-business slant”

Things finally looking better for American workers but this improvement comes after years of suffering

German chancellor Angela Merkel and German minister of finance Wolfgang Schaeuble. EPA/RAINER JENSEN

Euro zone’s largest economy is effectively exporting deflation to its neighbours

The US Federal Reserve in Washington, DC. ‘We were also told repeatedly that printing money would lead to ‘currency debasement and inflation’. The Fed, to its credit, stood up to this pressure, but other central banks didn’t.’ Photograph: Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg

Opinion: those whose doctrines failed reality test refuse to admit error, let alone learn

Surely the exploding costs of Obamacare would lead to vast amounts of red ink, right? Well, no. Photograph:  Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

When the Ebola freak-out was at its peak, it wasn’t just a disease but a political metaphor

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