Will we end up subsidising Greyhound’s operations by paying family income supplement to some of their workers? Photograph: David Sleator

‘Customers’ are being asked to collude in the impoverishment of the men who collect their bins

The Abbey has become less of a cultural powerhouse and more of a managerial institution.

Few of the Abbey staff, and none of the senior staff, are theatre artists or writers, directors or designers. This ‘contrasts clea(...)

‘I suspect this is what really disturbs some priests: not Fr Michael Cleary’s deviance from the standards he himself preached but the yearning for a family life that, however awkwardly, he tried to honour.’ Photograph:  THE IRISH TIMES

Opinion: ‘The fact is that the Dublin diocese knew about Cleary’s situation almost two years before it became a public scandal’

Fr Michael Cleary during the Papal visit to Ireland in 1979

Diarmuid Martin strongly dissociates himself from Fr O’Neill

Photograph: Louis Monier/Gamma-Rapho via Getty

Should Faber have published ‘Echo’s Bones’, a ‘new’ story? As the director Robert Scanlan puts it, there is more ‘Beckett’ floatin(...)

Andy Coulson, former News of the World editor and ex-press secretary to British Prime Minister David Cameron outside the Old Bailey Central Criminal Court in London. Photograph: Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire

Opinion: What we see in the Coulson case is a grotesque parody of journalistic independence: the freedom of the press in thrall to(...)

‘The church in Belize cited the Flynn case as sanction for the firing of Ms Roches. The chief justice of Belize, however, was sceptical to the point of open contempt for Ireland’s standing in these matters.’ Above, Eileen Flynn, who  was dismissed from her job at the Holy Faith school in New Ross in 1982. Photograph: Peter Thursfield / THE IRISH TIMES

Opinion: As a quid pro quo for not being allowed to fire teachers on religious grounds, the church is being given reinforced contr(...)

Baileys winner: Eimear McBride. Photograph: Dave Meehan

Our novelists have taken on themselves the job of evoking the place as it is rather than as it wishes to be

‘Eamon de Valera openly claimed this unmatched holiness would do nothing less than save the world: “Ireland today has no dearer hope than this: that, true to her own holiest traditions, she may humbly serve the truth and help by truth to save the world”.’ Photograph:  Topical Press Agency/Getty Images

Opinion: Why Irish delusions of being the ‘best’ gives the worst result

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