SF agrees to queen photo release


A photograph of the historic handshake between Northern Ireland Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness and Queen Elizabeth will almost definitely be released to the world’s media, Sinn Féin has said.

This contradicted earlier reports that the greeting would be kept private.

Speaking ahead of a party briefing on the matter today, Sinn Féin leader Gerry Adams told various media outlets he had “no objection” to a picture being released. 

A party spokesman further commented that it was the party’s “understanding” that an image of the handshake, planned for this Wednesday at a charity reception in Belfast, would be made available.

“This is standard procedure with Buckingham Palace,” said the spokesman. “There is a very strict protocol and they are masters at stage-managing this kind of event. 

“It’s our understanding there will be an appointed photographer, and then one, or a small number of carefully selected images will be released for publication.” 

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