The fomer Lehman Brothers headquarters in New York. “It’s true that while the most shocking intellectual malfeasance has come from conservative economists, some economists on the left have also seemed more interested in defending their turf and sniping at professional rivals than in getting it right.” Photograph: Nicholas Roberts/AFP/Getty Images

Opinion: too many influential economists performed poorly after financial crisis

Cakes at Browning Bakers in Kilmarnock in Scotland. EPA/Robert Perry

Opinion: it’s likely Scotland would become Spain without the sunshine

“When it comes to ensuring that Americans have access to healthcare, the message of the data is simple: yes, we can.”

Health spending has slowed sharply - it’s already well below projections

Texas governor Rick Perry will likely run for the US presidency on the basis that he knows how to create prosperity. Photograph: Doug Mills/The New York Times

Despite what Rick Perry might argue, it’s housing policy that explains growth in southern states

Vladimir Putin: No doubt it’s an oversimplification to say that the confrontation in Ukraine is all about shoring up an authoritarian regime that is stumbling on other fronts. But there’s surely some truth to that story.

Ukraine confrontation raises some scary prospects

Libertarian author and philosopher Ayn Rand in Manhattan in 1957. Photograph: New York Times/Getty Images

Is libertarian economics at all realistic?The answer is no

Republican leaders such as Mitch McConnell tried to help their friends with the Orwellian claim that resolution authority was actually a gift to Wall Street. But Wall Street knew better. Photograph: Getty Images

Creation of Consumer Financial Protection Bureau should not have been controversial

Does this mean President Barack Obama is wrong to describe companies engaging in inversion as “corporate deserters”?  Photograph: Reuters

The US federal government still gets one-tenth of its revenue from corporate profits taxation

US President Barack Obama appointed a special, bipartisan commission to propose solutions to the alleged crisis, and spent much of his first term trying to negotiate a Grand Bargain on the budget with Republicans. Photograph: Bloomberg

It’s hard to escape the feeling that debt panic served a political purpose

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