Russian grannies in Eurovision bid


A group called the "Buranovo Grannies" will represent Russia in the Eurovision Song Contest, after winning a televised contest in Moscow.

The group, from Russia's Republic of Udmirtia, some 1,300km east of Moscow, have embarked on their hunt for musical glory after having failed to win approval to represent their country in two previous attempts.

Clad in the traditional red headscarfs and long dresses of their region, thumping feet shod in tree bark shoes and urging the audience come and dance, they beat rivals including the 2008 Eurovision winner Dima Bilan and Julia Volkova, a former member of the band Tatu, which topped the UK charts in 2003.

This year's annual Eurovision song contest - an event watched by more than 100 million people - will be held in Baku, capital of former Soviet republic Azerbaijan.

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