Review: James Blake, Main Stage


Atmosphere: That hissing noise is the sound of your lungs being punctured by the ribcage-rattling bass. Hey, at least it's happening in the sunshine.

High: The concise nature of the set. Whatever meandering typified Blake's previous gigs is gone.

Low: The girl who hit the deck twice during the set due to overindulging. Party safe, kids.

Quote:  "They all just look so sad" - a punter commenting on the morose expressions of Blake and his two buddies on stage.

Verdict: You'd think that an early evening main stage slot would be disastrous for Blake but it worked, outstandingly so. As vodka jelly shot venders weaved through the crowd, the achingly melancholic I Never Learnt To Share kicks in beautifully after a false start. Limit To Your Love was another high point, and Blake seemed suitably chuffed about the attentive crowd. It could have been a bit miserable in the rain, but with not a cloud in the sky and the sun setting, Blake played a blinder.