Rehab Group statement in full

Organisation’s board decided to disclose chief executive’s salary today

Mon, Feb 17, 2014, 18:17

“The Rehab Group acknowledges the very significant work done by all in the charity sector. We welcome the Government’s announcement that the charity regulator will be appointed shortly. We call on the government to ensure that the office of the charity regulator will be properly and adequately resourced, in order to fulfil its mission and contribute to the development and promotion of the charity sector in Ireland.”

Mr. Kerr concluded: “Finally, and importantly, the Rehab Group, and its clients, their families and our dedicated and loyal staff have been deeply affected by the recent comments about the Group. We have voiced our concern about the fact that much of this clearly relates to our pursuit of justice and fair play for our lottery business. All we have sought is a level playing pitch and fair competition. We have been successfully running lotteries as a business for over fifty years in order to help support and develop our services.”

“Rehab has to try and compete with a National Lottery which has no limits on its top prizes, while we have to limit our entire prize fund to €20,000 per week, due to a prize cap imposed on us by legislation. The government makes the rules, owns the National Lottery and has recently agreed to sell it for some €400 million. We now have been forced to take the unprecedented step of court action to try and get fair play for charity lotteries.”

“Many of the recent comments relate to the government’s Charity Lottery Compensation Fund. This fund was the government’s idea in 1997 to compensate the charity lotteries for the unfair lottery cap on charity lottery prizes. They have now decided to abolish this scheme. The government can’t have it both ways. If they abolish the compensation fund they must abolish the cap on the prize fund of charity lotteries to allow charity lotteries to compete fairly with the government’s own lottery.”

“The Board of the Rehab Group now calls on the government to review its policy and abolish the cap on charity lotteries in the Gambling Control Bill currently going through the Oireachtas.”