Rehab Group statement in full

Organisation’s board decided to disclose chief executive’s salary today

The board of the Rehab Group met today to following pressure to reveal the salary of its chief executive Angela Kerins. Photograph: Brenda Fitzsimons/The Irish Times

The board of the Rehab Group met today to following pressure to reveal the salary of its chief executive Angela Kerins. Photograph: Brenda Fitzsimons/The Irish Times

Mon, Feb 17, 2014, 18:17

The Rehab Group Board met today and agreed to make a statement regarding the salary of our Chief Executive Ms. Angela Kerins.

The Rehab Group is an organisation which values entrepreneurship and innovation and its mission is to promote equality and to fight disadvantage through world-class services and initiatives. Rehab is an independent group of charities and commercial companies, which provide a wide range of services, including health and social care services, training and education and employment and pre-employment services, as well as a number of businesses operating in the areas of retail, manufacturing, logistics and recycling.

The Rehab Group is committed to achieving growth, sustainability and value for money in partnership with its customers. The people who benefit from our services include children and adults with disabilities, people with autism, people with mental health difficulties and other disadvantaged groups such as early school leavers and ex-offenders. The Group also actively campaigns for positive changes in areas of policy and law relevant to the lives of the people who use its services, in the countries in which it operates, and on a global scale through the United Nations and other international bodies.

The Rehab Group Chairman Mr. Brian Kerr said: “The Rehab Group enjoys enormous and greatly valued trust from the people who use our services and their families, our customers and the general public. We have always answered that trust by providing high quality, value for money services that help our clients to achieve their potential. We are conscious that the Irish Government and public bodies are very important stakeholders of the Rehab Group. We share a common desire to make quality and relevant services available to people who need them and we are conscious of recent calls for the salary of the Chief Executive to be published again.”

“The Board was reluctant to publish these details previously for three main reasons. Firstly Rehab continuously competes for business at home and abroad with a range of private companies which do not have to disclose such information. Secondly, we wanted to receive up to date advice from our legal and remuneration advisors and thirdly we are also acutely conscious of our duty to all of our employees under privacy law and the Data Protection Acts 1998 and 2003. Our Chief Executive Ms. Kerins has waived her rights to confidentiality and encouraged the publication of this information.”

“The Board is very proud of the track record of the Rehab Group over its 65 year history. We have grown from employing 600 people in Ireland 20 years ago to employing more than 2,300 people in Ireland today, with almost 11,000 people and their families benefiting from our services in Ireland. We now are a diverse and international organisation operating in Ireland, the UK, the Netherlands, Poland and the Middle East, with over 3,500 staff overall and a turnover of €183 million.”