‘Tech is an evangelical sport, and therefore technology can solve every problem it encounters. Why don’t you just freeze your eggs? Why don’t you just completely redesign corporate culture so it’s not unfairly patriarchal? Oh.’ Photograph: Getty Images

‘We should always be suspicious of employers wanting to involve themselves in our lives, because a company’s job is to create prof(...)

‘There was a collective slumping back into the couch wherever such would-be house buyers happen to live now’. Photograph: Getty Images

Opinion: Would-be first-time buyers will have to remain in the rental market for a longer period, pushing up rent prices

Maria Somerville: ‘The only gigs I ever get offered are ones that I want to do’ Photograph: Ruth Medjber / ruthlessimagery.com

Galway native Maria Somerville might be shy in person, but her music carries a deliberate intent

‘One of the most fresh aspects of the programmes is that it is female-led and a-stereotypical.’ The Connected cast (from left): Alanna Diggin, Nicole McQuillan, Elayne Harrington, Venetia Quick, Anna Ryan and Kate McGrew.

Opinion: ‘Human behaviour explored on television doesn’t need to be sensational or controversial’

‘Within a week, 150,000 refugees from Syria streamed into Turkey, adding to the million-plus refugees Turkey has accommodated in the three-and-a-half years since the devastating conflict in Syria began.’ Above, Syrian refugees cross the Syrian-Turkish border near Sanliurfa, Turkey, on September 26th. Photograph: EPA/Sedat Suna

Opinion: In 2014, the number of people seeking asylum will hit a 20-year high, according to the UNHCR

“A lot of a city’s contemporary culture stemmed from exciting club nights, of which there are hardly any now.”

The only Edge we have is quarter of a corporate band spamming iTunes libraries

Like the best comedians, Ó Briain isn’t just about the gags. Photograph: Cyril Byrne / THE IRISH TIMES

The comedian has reached an enviable point in his career where he is happy to continue doing what he’s been doing. But he’s no les(...)

Hozier: no theatrics, no posturing

On the cusp of super-stardom, Hozier reveals all to Una Mullally

Review: Sick

A difficult subject gets a thorough examination in this meditation on illness

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