Taoiseach shows he's got the bottle

Sat, May 26, 2012, 01:00

HE MAY be fighting on behalf of the Yes side for the fiscal treaty but Enda showed he had plenty left in him when he sent out a loud and ringing bottle, er, battle cry on behalf of Jameson whiskey.

After wishing Irish Distillers chair and chief executive Anna Maimhake well in her new role during a visit to Midleton Distillery yesterday, the Taoiseach revealed his own appreciation.

“I remember reading as a child that in the pre-prohibition days in the States, Irish whiskey was the big one. So let the battle begin again with Scotch – for my part I’ll do what I can,” declared our modern day Braveheart.

Later Ms Maimhake presented the Taoiseach with a bottle of 20- year-old Midleton.