A retired High Court judge is to carry out a review of the circumstances of the deaths almost 34 years ago of two Irish soldiers in Lebanon and the subsequent investigations.

Ex-High Court judge to report to Minister for Defence Simon Coveney by April 30th 2015

 Minister for the Environment  Alan Kelly: “I believe that what we have here is as far as we can go, hand on heart.” Photograph: Dave Meehan

Senator Mary Ann O’Brien says services will be targeted by Russians and Chinese

Alan Kelly: A huge distinction was being made “between those who can’t pay and those who won’t”. Photograph: The Irish Times

Opposition Senators accused of filibustering during 16 hours of debate

Minister says he has gone as far as he can ’hand on heart’, with plebiscite

Minister for Health Leo Varadkar has reacted strongly to Minister for Environment Alan Kelly’s description of his recent remarks on water legislation as “silly”.

Minister for Health says he ‘simply stated the facts’ when asked about water legislation

Minister for the Environment Alan Kelly criticised Minister for Health Leo Varadkar, for “silly” remarks and for “lecturing” people on the consequences of the legislation not being passed. Photograph: Eric Luke/The Irish Times

Marie Louise O’Donnell appealed for ‘watertight’ guarantee against privatisation

Tánaiste Joan Burton:  said it was a ‘terrible tragedy to visit a family and I sympathise with them’. Photograph: Gareth Chaney/Collins

Tánaiste tells Dáil she was ‘aware of the case since late on Sunday’ when she received phone call from Minister of Health

 Minister for the Environment Alan Kelly said: “Some comments made previously earlier on in the week by a colleague of mine were unnecessary and probably silly, to be frank - you know, lecturing people as regards the consequences of what happens if they don’t pass this legislation.” Photograph: Eric Luke/The Irish Times

Alan Kelly criticises Leo Varadkar for ‘silly’ remarks and ‘lecturing’ people

Minister for Health Leo Varadkar has said the country is now ‘in a slightly different position’ on the timing of a possible referendum on abortion law followingthe case of a pregnant woman on life support.

Taoiseach says he will not have ‘knee-jerk reaction’ to pregnancy case

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