Irishwoman Louise Richardson, president  of the University of St Andrews, in Scotland. Photograph: Robert Ormerod/The New York Times

On the same day as the Scottish referendum, a secret ballot at the Royal and Ancient golf club of St Andrews will decide on whethe(...)

Kathleen Reynolds follows the coffin as it is carried from the Mansion House. Photograph: Nick Bradshaw

People paid their respects to the late former taoiseach at Donnybrook church

Former taoiseach Albert Reynolds with his wife, Kathleen, in 1996: he got a palpable buzz out of life and people, without a drop of alcohol passing his lips (apart from a sip of champagne in September 1994 when the IRA declared a ceasefire, his life’s great achievement). Photograph: Frank Miller

While getting on with his countless other schemes he became a central figure in ours

‘Last week, the Mexican telecoms tycoon, Carlos Slim, called for the introduction of a global three-day working week. The days would be 11 or 12 hours long, against the average of seven to eight and people would carry on working into their 70s.’ Photograph: Getty Images

Opinion: In a 24/7 world, the notion of a nine to five business seems increasingly out-dated

The Dublin City Rounders country and western duo playing on Wicklow Street, Dublin, this weekend. Photograph: Aidan Crawley

Country music comes to sunburnt Dublin with Stetson and City music trail

Why the impulse to ignorantly dismiss, rather than explore, the phenomenon that is Garth Brooks? Photograph: AP

Opinion: The people who like popular entertainment pay their taxes too

Ericka Zagorski and Jane Davis from the US enjoy a day on the Ring of Kerry. Photograph: Domnick Walsh

The Trip: ‘Bring on the leprechauns,’ says one of our group of North Americans mischievously as I join them for a tour of Cork and(...)

Áth Cliath or Gach Áit Eile? Do our views on what is right and natural change from the perspective of where we live? Photograph: Eric Luke

‘Maybe we should just start listening to each other in this tiny country’

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