Coal miners leaving a Donetsk mine in June following a shift. Work has ceased in the Donbas coalmining region due to the militants’ struggle against Kiev authorities. Photograph: Viktor Drachev/Getty Images

Shells and bullets rain down on Oktyabrskaya coal mine in Ukraine

Irina Peredery (50, left) and Natalya Golovina (61) outside the entrance to the unlit, unheated bomb shelter where they spend nights with more than a dozen other people. Photograph: Daniel McLaughlin

Little help is being given, by rebels or by Kiev, to those driven from homes

Ukrainian cadets after assembling yesterday by a monument for victims of the Nazi massacre in Babiy Yar in Kiev. The country is marking the 70th anniversary of liberation from the Nazis. Photograph: Sergey Dolzhenko

Separatists in Donetsk and Luhansk to hold elections in ‘people’s republics’

Ukrainian servicemen and a woman hold their ballots during a parliamentary election at a polling station in Kiev. Ukrainians voted yesterday in an election that is expected to strengthen President Petro Poroshenko’s mandate to end a separatist conflict in the east of the country. Photograph: Reuters

Russia bemoans ‘violations’ and fears ‘chauvinist forces’ will fuel more bloodshed

An elderly Ukrainian woman reads her ballot papers during the elections, in the Krenichi village, about 40km from Kiev. Photograph: Tatyana Zenkovich

Despite anti-Russian shift, party of ex-Yanukovich allies is set to win seats

Runners: election posters in Kiev. Photograph: Gleb Garanich/Reuters

The country’s elections take place this weekend. With Crimea, annexed by Russia in March, excluded from the vote, the balance of p(...)

Ukraine’s president Petro Poroshenko holds a weapon at PA Yuzhmash aerospace enterprise in Dnipropetrovsk during the week. He has been urged to dismiss Ihor Kolomoisky. Photograph: Mykhailo Markiv/EPA

As people prepare for an election, Ihor Kolomoisky is the focus of allegations

Yulia Tymoshenko: the fiercely competitive former prime minister of Ukraine received only 13 per cent of the vote in May presidential elections. Photograph: Burak Akbulut/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

Fatherland party in battle to take 5% of votes needed to enter parliament, polls show

Millionaire Vadim Rabinovich, a leading member of new Ukrainian coalition Opposition Bloc, which comprises many former allies of ousted president Viktor Yanukovich, in his office in Kiev. Photograph: Daniel McLaughlin

Revolution, war and the tilt to the west have left Yanukovich’s former allies reeling

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