‘Lots of people won’t get to be raised by loving biological parents because of neglect, abandonment, or tragic circumstances. Children can turn out really well despite all sorts of challenges. But usually, we recognise that not being raised by your Mam or Dad constitutes a loss.’ Photograph: Getty Images

‘The inconvenient truth is that we are altering Article 41 of the Constitution which has a simple heading – the Family’

Through volunteer photographers at Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep, baby Liadan’s parents find comfort.  Photographer: EIleen Hyland

We don’t deal well with the death of babies with life-limiting illnesses

‘Ironically, moderate Muslims are likely to suffer most in the fallout from the Paris murders, and were also most likely to suffer in the aftermath of the publication of provocative cartoons or commentary.’  Above, Hassen Chalghoumi (left), Imam of the Drancy mosque in Paris, leaves flowers and prays near the Charlie Hebdo offices on Thursday. Photograph: Marc Piasecki/Getty Images

‘What is best in religion must now be mustered to defeat peacefully those who represent the worst of religious extremism’

‘My mother is 15 years dead this year, and I found myself thinking about the Christmas pudding that she used to steam in a gallon tin.’ Photograph: Getty Images

I still have no idea what ‘a bun baked standing’ meant

‘The capacity for wrongdoing lies within each of us. Simple things like working in a residential unit where there is a strong culture of care, versus working in one where the opposite is true, can cause us to act in ways that those closest to us would find surprising or even appalling.’ Photograph: Getty Images

What makes some people treat others badly – or well?

‘For three decades Australians on low incomes have been able to access no-interest and low-interest loans through Good Shepherd Microfinance.’  Photograph: Getty Images

‘Somehow, we think that it is acceptable and inevitable that those who are most likely need to borrow relatively small sums just t(...)

A candlelight vigil outside the Dáil in response to the death on Molesworth Street, Dublin  of Jonathan Corrie, who was homeless. Photograph: Aidan Crawley

‘A shy, gentle, wild creature in mortal terror of the people who were clumsily trying to help. He left, and we never saw him again(...)

‘Students understand that the key question is whether teachers should be the final judges of 40 per cent of the work they will do for State certification. And just like their teachers, they think that is a really bad idea.’ Photograph: Getty Images

Government should keep external assessment and develop an education system driven by educational needs, not cost-cutting

Peter Mathews: new Bill. Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill / THE IRISH TIMES

Opinion: Are large numbers of Irish citizens having a Howard Beale moment, prompted by the Irish Water debacle?

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