“My own commitment to the employment of commas wherever possible is in part altruistic.”  Image: Thinkstock
A pause for thought

An Irishman’s Diary about the importance of commas

“Qu’est-ce qu’il se passe, Nidge? (What’s the story, Nidge?) “

This will mean trying to find an equivalent for “now get yis the f**k out of me car” in the language of international diplomacy

“Butte is in stark contrast with most of its surroundings – the Big Sky country, Little Bighorn, and so on. In its heyday, after all, it was a resolutely industrial city, thanks to the copper industry that made and then broke it.” Photograph: Thinkstock
No buts in Butte

An Irishman’s Diary on law enforcement, Montana-style

Then the doctor asked me if I’d like to have an examination. Or maybe he used a verb other than “like”. Photograph: Thinkstock

An Irishman’s Diary about the prostate examination

A view of Dublin, circa 1818, by SF Brocas (National Library of Ireland). From Irish Historic Towns Atlas: Dublin, part III, 1756 to 1847

An Irishman’s Diary about the latest work from the Historic Towns Atlas project

 “Alas, my whiskers never achieved critical mass. There was an infrastructural deficit too. The moustache and jaw hair didn’t quite meet. They were like the Red and Green Luas lines: each serviceable enough on its own, but when considered together, suggestive of bad planning.” Photograph: Getty Images

Our Diarist details his pitiful struggle to emulate the hirsute magnificence of D'Arcy and Keane

Bono at the Web Summit.  Photograph: Brendan Moran/via Getty Images

An Irishman’s Diary about big thinking at the Web Summit

 The Starbucks checklist, or “Knowledge Check” as it’s headed, takes the form of a catechism, with questions and answers to remind staff of priorities. Here, for example, in an even more spectacular piece of management guff, is the inevitable bit about customer service vision:  “What is our Customer Service Vision, including the Pillars? Answer: We create inspired moments in each customer’s day. Anticipate, Connect, Personalise, and Own.” Photograph: Eric Thayer/Reuters
Walking the walk

An Irishman’s Diary on the gulf between management jargon and real life

Commuters walk past a giant poppy decoration  in London yesterday. Photograph:  Suzanne Plunkett/Reuters

An Irishman’s Diary about war commemorations

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