Strange creation: Lisa Dwyer Hogg, Barbara Brennan, Marcus Lamb, Nick Dunning, Mark Lambert (seated), Chris McHallem, Kathy Kiera Clarke, Aislín McGuckin and Don Wycherley in Róisín McBrinn’s production. Photograph: Aidan Crawley

The horrible thought that ‘Heartbreak House’, at the Abbey Theatre, pushes us towards is that there is no entertainment on stage (...)

Counting  votes for the Dublin area in the abortion referendum in 2002. Photograph: Frank Miller

Opinion: Sectarian, paranoid, apocalyptic ideology gave us the eighth amendment

Glittering: the theatre on its opening night, in March 2010. Photograph: Niall Carson/PA Wire

Minister for Arts Heather Humphreys has nothing to say about the sale of our finest performance space. Whatever happens, it mustn’(...)

From left: Des O’Malley, John Bruton, Albert Reynolds, Dick Spring and Proinsias De Rossa. Photograph: Irish Times Archive

Decisions made to the benefit of Goodman group haunted his political career

“There will be referendums next year, and one of them should be to remove abortion from the Constitution and put it where it should be – into the ordinary Irish reality where most of us live.”

Opinion: ‘Constitutional provisions on abortion are just the detritus of the ecstatic picnic of theocracy’s final fling’

Sarah King and Amanda Gallagher from Loreto College with Joey, the puppet from War Horse, one of many successful shows to run at the Bord Gáis Energy Theatre. Photograph: Alan Betson

New Beginning’s offer to place theatre in trust for ‘artistic and cultural life of the State’ turned down in favour of private inv(...)

Strange bedfellows: Cillian Murphy and Mikel Murfi

The relationship between words and movement in Enda Walsh’s new play, in which two weirdly innocent men are trapped in an endless (...)

‘In fairness, John Bruton himself clearly does not see any problem with continuing to draw an enormous public pension while engaging in private work.’ Former taoiseach John Bruton, chairman of IFSC Ireland. Photograph: Aidan Crawley

Opinion: No one in Fine Gael seems even slightly uncomfortable that Bruton gets €134,728 from the taxpayer but still works as a w(...)

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