Picnic finds The Cure to all ills


The Cure, Main Stage:

He is the world’s oldest teenager, and this set - three hours and 30 songs or so - was expected proof that Robert Smith’s decades of alienation, angst and a dollop of love have been rewarded by a set in which a classic was always imminent.

For those less familiar with the back catalogue, there might have been times when it didn’t quite fly, but there were many glorious moments: Push, A Forest, Pictures of You, In Between Days, The Caterpillar and Lullaby among them.

Just Like Heaven delivered a longed-for Festival Moment, while the closing threesome of Boys Don’t Cry, 10.15 Saturday Night and Killing An Arab were short, sharp bursts to end an epic show.

And by the time it was over, 80 per cent of the world’s dry ice supplies had been exhausted.

Verdict: ****

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