An employee waves her arm to demonstrate command of a 5G Mission Critical IoT wireless robotic device manufactured by SK Telecom Co at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Photograph: Simon Dawson/Bloomberg

Traditional companies are now moving into the Internet of Things era of smart devices

Foldable keyboard:  Microsoft basically reinvented the keyboard

There was plenty of good stuff in Barcelona which didn’t grab the headlines

A man takes a picture of Motorola Moto X smartphones during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Photograph: REUTERS/Albert Gea

More than 30 Irish companies at trade show as deals and partnerships are announced

Old-school thermometer: Conor Harkin’s start-up team is focused on developing a smart thermometer – SmartTherm – to provide continuous temperature monitoring. Photograph: Frank Miller

Some $4bn was invested in digital health in 2014

Visitors at the Mobile World Congress. FCC commissioner Michael O’Rielly criticised his agency’s new net neutrality rules during a speech at the event.  Photographer: Pau Barrena/Bloomberg

Michael O’Rielly says he voted against new US regulation at Mobile World Congress

Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission Tom Wheeler: Compared fifth-generation mobile networks (5G) to a Picasso painting. Photograph: Bloomberg

Tom Wheeler indicates arbiter for internet just and reasonable in interests of fairness

Gunther Oettinger, European Commissioner of Digital Science and Society, delivers a keynote speech at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on Wednesday. Europe’s two biggest telecom operators have called on regulators to be flexible in finalising rules to protect the openness of the Internet, to allow them to give priority to certain kinds of data traffic on their networks. (Photograph: Albert Gea/Reuters)

European commissioner for the digital economy said 5G infrastructure will be the nervous system of the digital society and digital(...)

Next year will see the majority of new fridges embedded for connection  so owners can remotely observe what consumables it contains.

Consumers will be able to check fridge contents while shopping Bosch CEO tells Mobile World Congress

Trying out  Samsung Gear VR devices at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Ninety thousand executives, marketers and reporters gather in Barcelona this week for the event. Photograph: Reuters

Facebook founder tells Mobile World Congress it’s not social media connecting the planet

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