No campaigners accept defeat


No campaigners have conceded defeat in the EU referendum, with Sinn Féin leader Gerry Adams and Libertas founder Declan Ganley both saying many people voted Yes "through gritted teeth".

Speaking at Dublin Castle, Mr Adams said he accepted the outcome of the referendum and was not disappointed by the result. He accused the Government of playing on the fears of the public and that he had met many people who had voted Yes through “gritted teeth”.

“In the course of the campaign the Government made a number of very firm commitments in terms of removing the burden of the bank bailout from people and also of growth and job incentive initiatives and we will be holding [them] to those commitments,” he said.

Speaking earlier, Sinn Féin deputy leader Mary Lou McDonald said the public had decided to vote in favour of the promises of growth and stability put forward by the Yes campaign and that her party “would seek to hold them” to their promises.

“I’m pretty sure all of the people who came out and cast their votes on the Yes side will equally do so.”

Ms McDonald said she believed Sinn Féin had a “good campaign”.

“We argued our position fairly and clearly. We did public meetings the length and breadth of the State and I think our political message has a fairly deep resonance with a fairly significant section of the
general public.”

Ms McDonald said it was clear throughout the campaign that the Labour Party was on the wrong side of the argument when its traditional supporters were considered. “The Labour Party were on the wrong side of the debate in respect of the trade union movement right across Europe and the wrong side of the debate laterally even in terms of their own sister parties across the EU,” she said.

“Austerity hasn’t worked and Eamon Gilmore knows that as surely as I know that. They have promised big and we want to see them deliver on it. We will be reminding them of all the promises and assertions they have made.”

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