New guardian for Jackson children


Michael Jackson's three children were given a new guardian yesterday in an escalating power struggle within the famous musical family involving the singer's multimillion-dollar estate and the well-being of his elderly mother.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Mitchell Beckloff gave temporary guardianship of the children to their cousin Tito Jackson Jr (34) at his request, after a chaotic week of conflicting reports over the health and whereabouts of family matriarch Katherine Jackson.

Hours after yesterday's court hearing, Katherine Jackson gave her first TV interview since the often wild and conflicting reports surfaced, denying she had been kidnapped by her adult children and saying she was devastated that Prince Michael (15). Paris (14) and Blanket (10) "have been taken away from me".

Katherine Jackson (82), who was appointed guardian of the children in her son Michael's will, was reported missing and unreachable by granddaughter Paris last week. She was later said by family members to be resting under doctor's order at the Arizona home of one of her daughters.

"There are rumours going around about me that I have been kidnapped," she told ABC News in the interview.

"I am here today to let everybody to know that I am good and fine ... My children would never do anything to me like that," she added.

Katherine Jackson said the court ruling that gave temporary guardianship to her grandson Tito was "based on a bunch of lies".

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