Led Zeppelin fans set to rock and roll


It has been five years since Led Zeppelin rock and rolled. Their one-off concert at the O2 in London in December 2007 has been acknowledged by the Guinness Book of Records to be the most over-subscribed in music history - with 20 million online applications for 20,000 tickets.

For the 19,980,000 or so fans who missed out on a ticket, the film of the concert, entitled Celebration Day, will be screened tonight in 30 Irish cinemas and cinemas worldwide. It will be released on CD and DVD next month.

Veteran director Dick Carruthers was asked to film the concert for posterity just in case. He said it was “implicit” in the filming that if it wasn’t good enough, the band would bin the footage.

Led Zeppelin have form in that regard, having refused to licence their set at Live Aid for screening afterwards following a shambolic performance.

Carruthers likened the band’s 02 performance to a downhill skier navigating a particularly tricky slope, where “every corner is a potential disaster”. There was no warm-up show and only one full live rehearsal.

Instead, he said they “smashed it”, though the band themselves did not look at the footage for years and were not convinced the concert was as good as they remembered - until they saw the result on film.

“It could potentially have been embarrassing, but instead it became a triumph that confirmed every Led Zeppelin’s fan’s perception that when this band got together and played live they were incredible,” he said.


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