Kenny welcomes German assurances on Irish debt


Taoiseach Enda Kenny has welcomed assurances from German chancellor Angela Merkel that Ireland should be assisted by EU partners in its return to financial markets in a “timely manner”.

Mr Kenny said he used lunchtime talks in Berlin to explain to Dr Merkel the need for progress on outstanding issues of concern to Ireland and that she agreed with him to prioritise this work in the Euro group.

 “I very much welcome the chancellor’s support to ensure successful completion of the programme and to realise sustainable re-entry to markets. Dealing with Ireland’s banking and sovereign debt process is a key challenge for us,” said Mr Kenny at a joint press conference with Dr Merkel.

“We agreed that this is given priority … as the successful implementation of an Irish programme is not only an issue of importance for Ireland,” he said, but also an important message for the euro zone as a whole and I know the chancellor shares this view very strongly.”

fficials on both sides said the two leaders did not go into the details of Ireland's expectations for a refund of money used by the state to prop up Irish banks.

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