Bill Cosby’s alleged victims’ drunkenness should be irrelevant to the case

A woman’s taste for Jim Beam or Pinot Noir does not make her fair game

A bumpy ride: motherhood has become a loaded term. Photograph: Thinkstock

Motherhood has become a high-stakes endeavour, and it seems all of society has something to say about women’s child-rearing abilit(...)

Elsa from Frozen

To hell with gender stereotyping - let it go

One of Target’s mannequins

Target in the US uses child-size mannequins with breasts to sell tops for kids

Monica Lewinsky: making a case for the public to recast its opinion of her. Photograph: David Maialetti/AP Photo/Philadelphia Daily News

Jennifer O’Connell: Lewinsky was betrayed by many people, but her greatest betrayal was by a society that loves nothing more than (...)

 Former US secretary of state Hillary Clinton is seen projected on a video screen as she delivers a keynote address during the 2014 DreamForce conference  in San Francisco. Photograph: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Everybody who’s anybody except Bono turned up for Marc Benioff’s Dreamforce ’14 technology conference

A worker in a hazardous-material (hazmat) suit at a block in Dallas, Texas, where a man diagnosed with Ebola was staying. Photograph: Jim Young/Reuters

Underneath the western media’s over-reaction is the troubling suggestion that the hardest-hit African nations have brought Ebola o(...)

Productivity drive?: egg-freezing is complex and uncomfortable, not an easy way to keep women at their desks. Photograph: LWA/Getty

No intelligent woman will freeze her eggs because her boss thinks it’s a good idea annouces the launch of i.amPULS at Dreamforce 2014  in San Francisco, California.

Pop star turns tech entrepreneur with the Puls cuff unveiled at the Dreamforce tech event

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