Israeli 'outpost' settlers ransack Palestinian homes, torch cars


Dozens of Israeli settler activists from the Esh Kodesh outpost on the Israeli occupied West Bank broke into Palestinians’ homes and set fire to six cars in the village of Qusra, shortly after midnight on Wednesday, according to the Palestinian Ma’an news agency.

Earlier, about 60 Palestinians protested, some throwing stones at Israeli border police, after security forces demolished a local power line, leaving dozens of homes without electricity.

The Esh Kodesh outpost is one of several “unauthorised” (by Israel) settlements in the West Bank and is regarded as illegal under international law.

Settlers on land taken from Palestinians and Palestinians from Qusra have clashed repeatedly over land ownership and crops.

Earlier this year, settler vines were destroyed by about 200 Palestinians, while at least 100 Palestinian olive trees, some claims put the number as high as 220, were vandalised by settlers, who also broke village windows and smashed farm machinery. – (Foreign Desk)