Loneliness can be a health risk on par with smoking and not getting enough exercise

The good, the bad and the Bergamot: the health effects of tea

Could we be on the cusp of a revolutionary change in medicine?

Major clinical trials have shown the new drugs are as effective or better at preventing strokes than warfarin.

Recent reports have linked 19 deaths to anticoagulants over the past two years

A Canadian study found a steep decline in survival rates in the first five minutes after a person suffered a cardiac arrest. The odds decreased by 23 per cent for each additional minute’s delay in giving defibrillation (electric-shock therapy).

Failings in ambulance system mean a high percentage of victims never stood a chance of survival

Prof Freddie Wood: “One of the key issues emerging from our research and discussions was the need for leadership in putting agreed values for good professional practice consistently into action.” Photograph: Alan Betson / The Irish Times

Patient safety relies on consistent action on best practice and disclosure of issues, writes Dr Muiris Houston

Pneumonia may be the older person’s friend but only if we let it

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