Taoiseach Enda Kenny watches a 3D presentation at the innovation awards ceremony. photograph: conor mccabe photography

The awards event was a lesson in innovation itself by being the first ever live 3D awards ceremony to be broadcast in Ireland

Salvador DalÍ

Research suggests the public are more likely to embrace an artist acting and living on the fringes of ‘normal’ society than one wh(...)

Technology transfer offices face challenges around priorities, timelines and intellectual property

Innovators who think people are going to love their product are risking failure before the business even gets off the ground

“Under legislation, universities have a remit to promote equality of opportunity, but it’s not being realised,” says Prof Kathleen Lynch

New research into gender equality demonstrates how the age, size or location of an Irish higher education institution has very li(...)

What should an entrepreneur look for when planning to build a new company – a good team or a good idea?

Tipping point: the lifespan of many consumer goods has never been shorter as new products render predecessors obsolete

Consumers live in a world dominated by 12-month guarantees and in-built self-destruct buttons. Can this manufacturing model get (...)

“R&D works on the next product . . . Skunk Works forgets about the current customers and revenues streams, and is given much more of a free reign.”

‘Skunk Works’ may be a retro term for what any innovative organisation now does as standard. But in the 21st century, the skunk mu(...)

Measuring up: With experimentation at the heart of all research, it is rare that the producer knows exactly how a project will turn out

Chance and pure fluke are more important elements of innovation than many recognise

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