Casual buffet-style suppers work really well. Guests can help themselves rather than have a meal served to them. That way everyone is in control of their portion sizes and the breadth of foods they wish to enjoy. Photograph: Thinkstock

Paula Mee helps you get your menu sorted this Christmas for all of your guests, and their preferences

Foods such as milk that are high in SFA and also high in calcium don’t seem to raise harmful LDL cholesterol fractions. Photograph: Thinkstock

Saturated fat has had a bad rap in recent years, but it might not be entirely deserved

New legislation means 14 ingredients that cause a reaction in some individuals will have to be identified on packaging

Food businesses need to be aware of the food allergens they handle

Quick fixes won’t work: the only way to diet effectively is to change longstanding habits

Eating a well-balanced diet, taking regular exercise and getting adequate rest are all important for skincare. Photograph: Thinkstock

A balanced diet will give you all the nutrients you need for skin, hair and nails

The digestive system is affected by a number of small changes as we age. Photograph: Getty Images

Having symptoms such as cramps, bloating and irregular bowel movements is known as diverticular disease

Bringing your own food that you prepared at home allows you to take control and reduces your reliance on canteen or cafeteria food.  Photograph: Jason Henry/The New York Times

Alternative work patterns can lead to serious health risks, so here’s what you can do to resolve the problem

The vegan diet: accepting it is not for the faint-hearted. Photograph: Thinkstock

While there’s much to be said for the strict regime, supplements should also be considered for balanced diet

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