Chef gets Wicklow children eating healthier


Local chef Paul Smith will be introducing children to the joys of cooking and eating healthier food this Friday, October 25th, at Holy Rosary National School, in Wicklow town. More than 300 children and a number of parents will be at the demonstration which runs from 9.30am to 2pm.

The event is part of the healthy town initiative and Mr Smith said the emphasis was on showing that food can be fun.

He said children would be given a tray containing carrot, broccoli, celery and a tomato and asked to try at least one. (The vegetables will, of course, be cut in interesting shapes). They will also be shown how to make a sausage roll and a gluten-free Parmesan biscuit. But are sausage rolls healthy?

According to Mr Smith, making them yourself means they are fresh and have no MSG or preservatives unlike those bought in shops.

He will be emphasising to children not to go into the kitchen unless an adult is present and advising parents not to use food as a punishment or reward.

And he has this tip for both parents and children: Always look at the label when shopping for food. The ingredient that is most prevalent will be listed first.

Mr Smith, who cooked for former president Bill Clinton in 1994 when he worked in the US, said children and parents would be given handouts containing tips on healthy foods.

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