Brian Walsh believes his positive outlook helped him in his cancer battle.

Terminal cancer diagnosis, but still alive six years on

Fionnuala Keane: a cancer information service nurse at the Daffodil Centre in the Mater hospital. Photograph: Alan Betson

Clinical nurse specialist Fionnuala Keane is a cancer information service nurse at one of the Irish Cancer Society’s 12 hospital-b(...)

Airfield Farm, Dundrum, Dublin

School is (almost) out for two weeks, but family outings can have an educational flavour. We choose some of the best around Irelan(...)

Damien Queall lives and work in Africa as the deputy regional director for Plan Ireland.

Damien Queally is living and working in Africa as the deputy regional director for Plan Ireland. In the past 12 months he has led (...)

Kate O’Kelly trains for the London marathon: ‘Running gave me a purpose and really helped me to deal with emotion in those early days.’ Photograph: Cyril Byrne

While exercise doesn’t take away the pain of grief, it can help you to come to terms with it

Gina Delaney: ‘Every time my mother came out of hospital we went home with her; but we weren’t told how to manage her medication, nor about any side effects that developed.’ Photograph: Dylan Vaughan

Looking after a mother who has stress disorder, Gina Delaney says more support should be given to families dealing with mental hea(...)

Mary Nevin, a night nurse with the Irish Cancer Society: ‘I have seen many different reactions in people, in the immediate aftermath of a loved one’s death. We are all amateurs when it comes to grief, and all reactions are perfectly normal.’ Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill

Mary Nevin is a night nurse with the Irish Cancer Society. She is 35 trained at Beaumont Hospital in Dublin and holds a master’s (...)

Linda Kidd,  a health-screening nurse with the Irish Heart Foundation. Photograph: Dylan Vaughan.

Linda Kidd, a part-time health-screening nurse with the Irish Heart Foundation, tells us about her week

Michael Fitzpatrick, head pharmacist at Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital, with some of his staff. Photograph: Cyril Byrne

Michael Fitzpatrick has been the chief pharmacist at Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital in Crumlin, Dublin, for the past eight years (...)

During a stress-management day for exam-year students at the Loreto Secondary School in Wexford town, students were offered art therapy and other workshops. Photograph: Patrick Browne

Recognising negative stress and making changes before it gets out of hand is key to managing extra pressure

Gemma O’Connor with her children Dara (left) and Finnán: ‘I am definitely one of the lucky ones.’

Symptoms of potentially debilitating and even fatal disease can be mistaken for signs of influenza

Ethan and Autumn Hurl: Ethan “asked us to help make him better as he wished ‘things would go back to normal’.”

Many Pandas children are misdiagnosed with OCD, Tourette’s or ADHD and some are left untreated

If you have developed breast cancer, early detection continues to be the most important factor in staying well. Photograph: Thinkstock

Oncologist Janice Walshe pinpoints advances made in disease prevention and treatment

Liz Yeates: ‘I had spent the week preparing myself for the fact that I might have cancer, but when I heard the word mastectomy I completely fell apart.’  Photograph: Dave Meehan

Cancer survivor Liz Yeates, of the Marie Keating Foundation, needs donated bras to help raise funds for research

Former postman  David Love Cameron who now grows vegetables for Michelin-starred restaurants. Photograph: Paul Wilkinson

Working with chefs Raymond Blanc and Richard Corrigan is a long way from David Love Cameron’s former career as a postman

The sooner a problem is treated, the better the results, and further irreversible lung damage can be averted. Photograph: Thinkstock

If lung disease is caught early enough, treatment can improve your chances of a healthy life

Giving up: It has been proven that people vote with their pockets and, if the price becomes  prohibitive, it will act as a major deterrent. Photograph: Thinkstock

Smoking costs a packet and it kills 100 people a week in Ireland

Eoin and Gillian Casey with their sons, Eóghan and Emmet. Photograph: Aidan Crawley

Being first-time parents and having to deal with the diagnosis was really tough, but Eóghan’s personality helped them through it (...)

Stephen Kelly: “I would say my mental health is really positive and I have no problems telling anyone what I have been through as there is so much stigma involved.” Photograph: Dave Meehan

Stephen Kelly was in the depths of despair and suicidal but, following help, has recovered completely and turned his life around (...)

Joan Freeman of Pieta House. Photograph: Daragh Mc Sweeney/Provision

Creating awareness about the reasons people feel suicidal and what can be done to help is a vital step towards eradicating the st(...)

Anne Geary, in Tramore, Co Waterford, with Ivy her dog. Photograph:  Patrick Browne

With no family history of cancer, complex diagnosis met a degree of denial

Gerry Quinlan: recovering mentally from illnesses “is actually the hardest part of it all”. Photograph: Eric Luke

Regular check-ups can be crucial to staying positive even in the face of daunting challenges to one’s health

Colour Dash: Last year 2,000 people took part in the 5km dash, raising €100,000 for the Irish Cancer Society.

Darren McMahon, having been treated for Hodgkin’s lymphoma, is back on his feet and race ready

Peadar O’Loughlin at work in the Courthouse Gallery, Ennistymon, where he has a workshop. Photograph: Eamon Ward

Research has proven a link between music and positive mental health.

Paddy O’Mahony: “I wanted to give something back to the organ donors and their families.”

After finally going to a doctor with a persistent cough, the prognosis was poor until a transplant became an option

Golfer Paul McGinley and his father, Michael, who had blocked arteries and underwent a quadruple heart bypass.

For Men’s Health Week, the male population is asked to examine their lifestyle, be honest with themselves, and have niggles checke(...)

Teenager injecting with Epipen after an attack. Photograph: Getty Images

The mother of a teenager who died is campaigning for adrenalin pens to be available in public places

John Stratford and his mother, Margaret Stratford, who is his full-time carer.

Many home carers have health problems such as depression, but they are not receiving treatment, a study has found

Minister for Health, James Reilly 
with Prof
 Norman Delanty, director of the epilepsy unit, and epilepsy suffer
er, Hannah Alam (17) from Athy, Co
his morning
at Beaumo
nt Hospital
 where he officially opened a new state-of-the-ar Epilepsy monitoring unit. The new 4 bed unit is supported by over EUR700,000 capitalil investment in equipment from the HSE National Clinical Care Programme for Epilepsy...

Colin Keegan

With only one monitoring unit in the country, doctors are calling for a complex dedicated epilepsy centre

Colm Lundberg, whose depression is now at a low level, at home near Killarney, Co Kerry. Photographs: Don Mc Monagle

If you have a physical illness, you go to the doctor, but mental health issues still give rise to stigma

Blackboard jungle: For the RTE series Class Swap, pupils from Ireland attended school in Poland (above), Spain and Finland

A new TV documentary series sees Irish students and their teachers going to school in Poland, Finland and Spain

Julie Feeney: ‘Any opportunity to refresh our approach to life is good by me.’

Do you need a little inspiration for your New Year resolutions? If so, see what some well-known people are planning

Annmarie Brophy: She doesn’t particularly enjoy the feeling of being intoxicated and is happier to enjoy the occasion without it. Photograph: Alan Betson

With so many Yuletide events taking place in pubs and restaurants, it’s not an easy time to stay sober

New research suggests boys underperform because we expect them to

David Goodstein on day one of his 2,100km cycle from Brussels to Barcelona.

A 2100km cycle was an important study, combining the unveiling of new technology with research into the effects of exercise on blo(...)

Áine Lawlor: ‘We all want a magic wand to eliminate it forever, but this isn’t possible it can be monitored’.

Áine Lawlor takes us on a personal journey, as she explains how medical science changed the course of her life

Model Cara Delevingne: Delevingne’s psoriasis flared up during London Fashion week, when covered in scabs she had to be painted with make-up for the catwalk. Photograph: Ray Tamarra/Getty Images

After years of trying to find a cure for psoriasis, I have learned to manage the condition

Bronwyn Kane: ‘I was shocked when I heard my result was positive but I have never seen it as a life sentence or felt a constant ticking bomb like I’ve heard others say.’ Photograph: Eric Luke

Women with the BRCA1 or BRCA2 genes have a 45-65% chance of getting breast cancer by age of 70

Richard Brennan practising his Alexander Technique. He says pain is a warning sign that something is wrong with the body.  Photograph: Joe O’Shaughnessy

Many back-sufferers spend years in pain when, in many cases, all they need to do is change their posture

Dylan Smith: commented on the difference between the Dublin hospital and the one in America. Photograph: Cyril Byrne

Irish parents are supporting Light It Up Gold, to raise funds for improved cancer facilities

Tara Moriarty from Fethard Co Tipperary with her sons Jack and Sean. Photograph: John D Kelly

Dental, hearing and eye tests for schoolchildren can diagnose problems so the right treatment can start early, but parents need to(...)

Trish Egan from Cree, Fortall, Birr, Co Offaly. Photograph: James Flynn/APX

Ovarian cancer can often go unnoticed until it’s too late – luckily for Patricia Egan, her illness was treated early

Can singing help patients with respiratory disorders to increase their lung capacity and regulate breathing?

The average 11-year-old’s waistline has grown 10cm in the past three decades, and in response, major UK retailers – many operating(...)

 Kathleen Airey and her son Daniel: Kathleen helps manage Daniel’s health conditions through a healthy diet. Photographs:  David Sleator

Nourish Children Week aims to highlight how a good diet can aid a child’s development, particularly those with special needs

Turning 18 means losing access to child services, so parents of children with special needs have to rely on their own abilities to(...)

At the launch: Miriam O’Callaghan and four-year-old Liam Heffernan Photograph: Domnick Walsh/Eye Focus  At the launch: Miriam O’Callaghan and four-year-old Liam Heffernan Photograph: Domnick Walsh/Eye Focus

Kerry facility provides support for those seriously ill with rare diseases

Problems associated with endometriosis can spread far beyond reproductive organs

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